Obama Mania Can’t Stop Mr. Market

By Jennifer Bawden November 5, 2008 ——————— The Ultimate Black Swan – Credit Derivatives (The CDO Market). According to the Bank of International Settlements, has grown to $57.9 Trillion. This credit default swap meltdown that has begun to pour hot lava on a fragile market has only just begun to erupt. Substantial blame in my […]

The Fall of Our Reserve Currency

By Jennifer Bawden September 8, 2008 ——————— It is a universal law, what goes up must come down. Newton’s apple falls to the ground. Speaking of apples, doesn’t one spoiled apple spoil the bushel? Those nice clean treasures are now mixing with a growing number of rotten apples. I would like to quote the head […]

Spain and Florida Real Estate

By Jennifer Bawden September 12, 2008 ——————— Jennifer Bawden reporting from Marbella, Spain. In late August as I rushed along the boardwalk to the internet café on the beach (the signal was out at the house, as usual), I watched hundreds of tourists and locals sunning on the beach, having a leisurely drink at a […]

My Shopping List

By Jennifer Bawden September 5, 2008 ——————— In a rush to deleverage before the mass panic set in, I sold my South Florida apartment and raced to Southern Spain to sell my property there. A New Yorker with limited driving experience, my 23-year-old assistant had to accompany me. As we drove home from Marbella, I […]

Gold & Oil Will Fall Further

By Jen Bawden August 16, 2008 ——————— An update on my thoughts regarding commodities especially gold and silver. I would also add the DBA to this. As we have discussed numerous times over the last 3 months an uptick in the dollar could continue to erode gold and commodities. Obviously this has been a strong […]

Dollar Rebounds & Commodities Tumble

By Jen Bawden August 4, 2008 ——————— Right now charts say the Euro is to fall lower, the dollar is to go higher and gold and silver to go lower. All my research (and I spend every moment I can studying the market) says long term dollar down, Euro lower, gold to 1500, silver much […]

1000 to 2000 Point Drop In The DOW Coming

By Jennifer Bawden August 4, 2008 ——————— The time is coming very shortly here in the next few weeks or months where we are going to see a 1000 to 2000 drop in the DOW. I want to get my remaining money safe so when the market crashes and gold crashes with it I will […]

Bottom Fishing for Gold Mining Companies

By Jen Bawden July 18, 2008 ——————— I am now focused on researching oil dividend stocks as oil is dropping. This might give us a great opportunity on some extra bad capitulation days to get in and pick up some of these good oil and gas dividend plays. I am focusing on Canadian companies as […]

Financial Armageddon

By Jen Bawden January 23, 2008 ——————— I have nervously watched the US credit bubble and housing bubble grow larger. Over New Years at the Renaissance think-tank, before the January crash, I sat for dinner next to one of my heroes David Walker Comptroller General of the United States. David agreed wholeheartedly with the main […]

A Crippling Toxic Cocktail

By Jen Bawden December 30, 2007 ——————— Other than have your cake and eat it too, my motto is “hope for the best and plan for the worst”. That being said, I suggest you fasten your seatbelts because the 2008 roller coaster ride is about to begin. In a world of instant gratification where each […]