Mr. President, This Is The Greatest Threat Facing America

By Jen Bawden June 3rd, 2015 My article was originally published at the Huffington Post. ————– I am worried, like everyone else, about government spending, unemployment, global economic crises, global warming, etc., but nothing scares me more than this much bigger story that threatens the very existence of global civilization. It’s the elephant of black […]

Letter to President Barack Obama by Jen Bawden, et al.

On May 27, 2015, Jen Bawden and a coalition of prominent American citizens sent a letter to President Obama imploring him to take immediate action to protect the United States from one of the worst potential catastrophes imaginable. The full text of the letter, including the names and titles of all signatories, is presented below. […]

The Fall of Our Reserve Currency

By Jennifer Bawden September 8, 2008 ——————— It is a universal law, what goes up must come down. Newton’s apple falls to the ground. Speaking of apples, doesn’t one spoiled apple spoil the bushel? Those nice clean treasures are now mixing with a growing number of rotten apples. I would like to quote the head […]